Red Cross in Need of Volunteer Drivers

The American Red Cross-Lakeland Chapter provides a unique service to its community with its transportation services, which is only possible because of volunteer drivers. “It’s a wonderful service. You can help people be independent and they appreciate it,” says Casey Haese, Volunteer Driver.The American Red Cross Lakeland Chapter’s transportation services are provided to those 60 and over and to individuals with disabilities at a low cost allowing them to lead a fulfilling self-sufficient lifestyle.

 “All a volunteer needs is patience and a desire to help. We will provide everything else,” says Jennifer Nelson, Director of Transportation. Volunteer Drivers are trained by the Red Cross and use insured vehicles.

Haese says, “Everybody in transportation is so helpful and Bette cooks for us.” Every couple months the Transportation Office Coordinator cooks a big meal and they will all have lunch together. The drivers help each other out and answer each other’s questions.  You can meet a lot of people on the road and at the Red Cross.

The Red Cross has 4-hour morning and afternoon shifts Monday – Friday that need to be filled.  Some drivers are only available in the summer while others only drive in the winter. A driver can volunteer a few times a week or only once a month. “Its really up to them on how often they drive,” says Nelson.

Haese says she enjoys volunteering for the Red Cross and admires how much they do here in the community. “They do a lot of work and they need a lot of help.” For more information on how you can volunteer contact Jody Weyers at or 920-227-4287.


Routine Drivers

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