Heroes Event Kicks Off

GREEN BAY – The American Red Cross is looking for “Heroes,” people in the community to help them collect thousands of dollars as part of a new campaign. The non-profit organization is already getting help from a local singer, firefighters in Brown County, and area businesses.

The billboards have begun popping up around the Green Bay area, encouraging people to “Do Something Positive.”

“We are trying to create heroes. These are individuals or companies who can generate a thousand dollar donation,” said Barbara Behling with the American Red Cross.

The Heroes campaign is being kicked off this month, which is also American Red Cross month. Soon, public service announcements will begin running on TV stations in Northeast Wisconsin. They will feature a man who is being reminded to donate to the Red Cross by a piggy bank.

Appleton singer/songwriter Rob Anthony is already raising money for the campaign.

“I’m donating proceeds from my CD sales for the Heroes campaign,” said Anthony.

Fire departments in Brown County will also come together for a fundraiser later this month. The firefighters said the Red Cross provides crucial services to many during devastating fires.

“In a long range event, there’s often food needs and comfort needs and the Red Cross provides that for firefighters,” said Don Phillips, Green Bay Assistant Fire Chief.

Red Cross officials said the campaign will last until mid next month, but won’t announce just yet how much they hope to raise.

“With the economy, things have gotten a bit tight. In essence, that creates more demand on Red Cross services. So our goals will need to be increased,” said Behling.

Click on the link for the video news story: http://www.fox11online.com/dpp/news/wluk_news_green_bay_american_red_cross_heroes_200903051352_rev1

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