Winter Weather Tips

Winter Weather Safety Tips

1. Disaster Supply Kit

                – Warm blankets

                – Mittens/gloves, warm coats, water-resistant boots, hats

                – Canned food and can opener

                – Bottled water

                – Battery-powered flashlight and radio, with extra batteries

                – First Aid kit

                – Prescription drugs and other medical supplies (if needed)


2. Winterize your car before winter

                – Keep small disaster supply kit in car, including a shovel if space allows

                – Keep gas tank at least half full


3. Don’t forget about your pets

                – Bring them indoors or provide warm shelter outdoors

                – Have food in disaster supply kit for them


4.  Take your time

                – Give yourself enough time to drive in the snow and ice safely

                – Slow down if it is icy




For More Information Check out the Following Links: 

Frostbite and Hypothermia Information:


Purchase Emergency Preparedness Kits/First Aid Kits:


Fox Cities/Green Bay WI Local News Stations Weather Links: – Action 2 News (WBAY) – Fox 11 News (WLUK)


National Weather Links: – National Weather Service – FEMA – The Weather Channel




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